Margie Smith Holt - Emmy Award Winning Journalist and Author

This week on Tales From A Luxury Yacht Chef with Lisa Mead, my special guest is a multi-Emmy award-winning news journalist and author, Margie Smith Holt. This is a great story as she talks about her media career in radio and television, winning 4 Emmys in the process, and why she left it all to escape to the Caribbean. Her latest book, 'Not On Any Map: One Virgin Island, Two Catastrophic Hurricanes, and the True Meaning of Paradise' is available now online. For more information:

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This podcast is about an Aussie Chef, who for the past 26 years, somehow landed the dream job of cheffing on luxury yachts for the rich and famous in the Mediterranean, The Caribbean, and back home in Australia. You'll hear stories from crew, interesting charter guests, and from others connected to the Global Luxury Yacht Industry.