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Zero Trust and SaasOps - Colin McCarthy: VP of Global IT at Essence

from Heroes of IT | Published 10/23/2020

IT Should be as simple as turning on the tap and water coming out.  Hear more about this and other amazing insights from Colin McCarthy, a global IT leader. Hear his story on how he got into IT, and where his career has taken him. Like many of us, he got his start tinkering with something his parents brought home when he was a kid.  We discuss a newer path in IT known as SaaSOps which is the management of online applications that are rapidly taking the place of their desktop counterparts and the complexities of managing so many different applications for users all over the world.  The Coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed the way we work, and adopting newer cloud-based applications allows us to be agile, and allow employees to get their jobs done, no matter what the world looks like.  Enjoy and Subscribe!  Continue the conversation by joining our podcast Slack community at tabgeeks.com/Slack Or on Twitter by following me @MrJNowlin --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tabgeeks/message

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We’ve come a long way since computers took up the size of a room, and with every new advancement, from the smartwatch to the internet itself there have always been people who have loved tech more than anyone else. When answering the phone they skip the traditional ‘hello’ or ‘hi’, resorting instead to their mantra, ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ These people have gone by many names over the decades, but they are consistent in their calling. IT. They work in the shadows, diligently keeping operations from going dark. These everyday heroes..... are known as Heroes of IT