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Building an Innovative IT team in the Educational Space: Marques Stewart - Sr Director of Network Infrastructure Achievement First

from Heroes of IT | Published 9/17/2019

We're Back! We took a bit of a hiatus to get the tabGeeks conference operations side of the business ramped back up preparing for tabGeeks20 this coming April. More about that at www.tabgeeks.com/tg20 Being responsible for IT in the education space comes with it's own set of special challenges. Instead of being free to make upgrades on your schedule and spread things out over the year, you do mostly breakfix during the school year and then there is a marathon to get all the upgrades and new tech and refurbishing of tech that has to get done over the summer break. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it.  This week's guest is Marques Stewart, who goes into what it takes to survive in such harsh conditions, and to build a team that thrives from it.  Enjoy and Subscribe! Continue the conversation by Joining the tabGeeks slack community: no sponsors and no assholery allowed at tabGeeks.com/Slack or on twitter by following me @MrJNowlin and Marques @marquesstewart Learn more about tabGeeks: The IT Support Conference at www.tabgeeks.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tabgeeks/message

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We’ve come a long way since computers took up the size of a room, and with every new advancement, from the smartwatch to the internet itself there have always been people who have loved tech more than anyone else. When answering the phone they skip the traditional ‘hello’ or ‘hi’, resorting instead to their mantra, ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ These people have gone by many names over the decades, but they are consistent in their calling. IT. They work in the shadows, diligently keeping operations from going dark. These everyday heroes..... are known as Heroes of IT