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Super Duper Team - Episod 2 - Talking to Mohammed that have super cool idea!

from Super Duper Team - For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs | Published 2/25/2020

Today we are talking about this cool idea from a young person that soon will change this world to be much more better! Listen and give your feedback! There plenty of people that fills lonely during there hotel visits. And probably there big opportunities to connect different business people with other other during there stay. Next step is to define problem and talk to potential users! Let's see what Helsingborgs hotels can offer us! 

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Hi, My name is Dimitrij and I am serial entrepreneur. I have more that 10 years experiences and two exits from my companies. A serial entrepreneur is a person that come up with an idea and get things started, but then give responsibility to someone else and support them. Bring your own idea or copy one of already existed ideas and we together will do it in real life. By sharing with entrepreneurs my experiences, inspiration and well know business and innovation models we will be able to convert ideas to real products and services. That's why I am starting Super Duper Team project.