In The Details - The Sisterhood Solution: The Key to Building Strong Bonds withCaroline Adams Miller Pt2

Caroline Adams Miller joins Karen on In the Details for part two as she shares insights into how women can support and uplift one another. They confront the pervasive influence of mean girl culture that dominates our media and society, highlighting the importance of breaking free from its constraints. Caroline sheds light on the significance of surrounding ourselves with a supportive tribe and provides strategies to assess whether our circle uplifts us and how we can champion one another instead of extinguishing one another's brilliance.  In this shared space of sisterhood, listeners embark on the journey of how to rewire our mindset, so we stop dimming our own light and those of fellow women. Tune in to explore the art of amplifying each other's successes and discuss the profound concept of healing the sisterhood. Don’t miss this week’s episode for thought-provoking exploration of self-discovery and collective empowerment. As Karen reminds us, we can only do better when we know better.  ---- Mentions: Getting Grit by Caroline Adams Miller Follow Caroline Adams Miller on LinkedIn and Instagram, and check out her website.   Want to support the In the Details podcast? Make sure to visit Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify, then rate it five stars and share it with your community! You can also stop by Karen Allen’s website.See for privacy information.

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