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from Style o'Clock | Published 2/21/2021

Discover the top fashion trends for the new year 2021 with Personal Stylist Jasmin from Style o'Clock. As your personal stylist, Jasmin will point out which fashion trends are working best with which particular body type. You don't know which body type you are? No problem - she will give a quick introduction how each body type is looking and how to figure out, which one you are. After this episode you will know, which of Vogue's fashion trends 2021 look best on you!If you want to find out, which body type you are beforehand you can check out the free test here: test will help you to put yourself in one of the five body type categories and give you also a free styling tutorial based on your body shape.

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Style o'Clock is a fashion podacst with Personal Stylist Jasmin from Pur Style. In this podcast you will learn about developing your personal style, how to dress accordingly to your body type and Jasmin will share with her listeneres tips & tricks regarding fashion and styling. You will find out, how to become a more sustainable cosumer and how to organize your wardrobe. - Fashion hacks- Body type consultation- Colour combinations & palettes- Fashion trends- Styling tips- Sustainable Shopping- Wardrobe Detox- Personal Styling- Personal Development