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from Style o'Clock | Published 2/21/2021

In the first of episode of Style o'Clock Personal Stylist Jasmin helps you to define your personal style. The main differences between trends and style are essential to understand the art of styling. Creating a versatile, sustainable wardrobe based on your individual body type, colour type and style persona will help you to only have clothes in your closet, which you will actually wear.- Developing your Personal Style- Describing your Style- Distinction between trends & style- How to build a versatile wardrobe- Body and Colour type consultation- Styling exercise

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Style o'Clock is a fashion podacst with Personal Stylist Jasmin from Pur Style. In this podcast you will learn about developing your personal style, how to dress accordingly to your body type and Jasmin will share with her listeneres tips & tricks regarding fashion and styling. You will find out, how to become a more sustainable cosumer and how to organize your wardrobe. - Fashion hacks- Body type consultation- Colour combinations & palettes- Fashion trends- Styling tips- Sustainable Shopping- Wardrobe Detox- Personal Styling- Personal Development