64: Simple Breathing Exercise

In these chaotic times, it is more important than every to keep things simple. This easy, short guided meditation will take you back to basics. You will enjoy inner calmness as anxiety and stress melt away. Make sure to subscribe to receive notifications as episodes are released. Thank you for listening! #under10minutes #centering #relaxation #overwhelm

Om Podcasten

Join Transformation Coach and All Around Life-Hacker, Ashlie Sykora Pappas for an oasis from your crazy busy life. You know who you are, you give your time for everyone except yourself. You will find peace of mind, less stress, and a new perspective – all in less time than it takes to pick the kids up from school! Just a heads up, these meditations include spiritual aspects but are not intended to be of the religious nature. And as with any meditation… use common sense. Meditation is not something to multi-task. Especially refrain from listening to this meditation podcast while driving or operating machinery. For more information or find out more about Ashlie’s courses and other offerings, please visit: http://stressfreenaturally.com or https://naturallyashlie.com