The Truth About The STR Wealth Conference

StayFi | Use Code BILL to Get 50% Off Your First 3 Months with StayFi! This episode is Sponsored by the STR Industries #1 marketing platform. In this episode, the hosts of STR Unfiltered, Bill Faeth and Chris Wharton, reflect on their recently held conference while discussing the lessons learnt, pain points, and possible improvements for future events. The key discussions revolve around the new initiatives by StayFi, the detailed recap of the conference and its vendors, and the unpredicted costs it entails to put on a successful conference. Future areas for improvement, such as venue selection, seating arrangements, and ticketing, were discussed at length. 00:00 Introduction and Welcome 00:15 Introducing HomePage: The Next Level of Marketing 00:49 The Importance of StayFine in Marketing Funnel 01:05 Special Edition with Chris Wharton 01:17 Recap of the Conference 01:41 Behind the Scenes of the Conference 01:57 The Evolution of the Conference 03:35 Challenges and Learnings from the Conference 05:12 The Financial Aspect of the Conference 05:56 Improvements for Future Conferences 09:29 The Impact of Vendors and Speakers 15:04 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Hosting 25:28 Closing Remarks and Future Plans 27:10 Sponsor Message: Market My STR Watch this episode on our YouTube Channel Every Tuesday & Friday The Free Build STR Wealth Facebook Group: You can find more of Bill online at: Bill Faeth Linktree:<sid=660cbc9b-4a7e-4ed9-a654-900180b83af1 Build STR Wealth: Instagram: @BillFaeth73 Tik Tok: @bfaeth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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