Now Is The Time To be Patient

StayFi | Use Code BILL to Get 50% Off Your First 3 Months with StayFi! This episode is Sponsored by the STR Industries #1 marketing platform. In this episode of the STR Unfiltered podcast, Bill Faeth discusses the importance of patience and diligent research when approaching real estate investing. He touches upon the current market, interest rates, and aligns against the rush to buy properties. By explaining the different aspects involved while making a deal, he emphasizes how building rapport, understanding the property, and calculating the profits leads to successful investments. He provides an example of how patience and scrutiny led him and his team to secure a boutique motel under contract for less than its original price. In conclusion, he explains how these principles can let one expedite their 5-50-250 plan. 01:01 Introduction and Current Investment Climate 02:27 The Importance of Patience in Real Estate 03:13 Case Study: Boutique Motel Investment 05:44 The Power of Due Diligence and Patience 10:39 Case Study: Banner Elk Property Investment 15:19 The 550 250 Plan and Conclusion Watch this episode on our YouTube Channel Every Tuesday & Friday The Free Build STR Wealth Facebook Group: You can find more of Bill online at: Bill Faeth Linktree:<sid=660cbc9b-4a7e-4ed9-a654-900180b83af1 Build STR Wealth: Instagram: @BillFaeth73 Tik Tok: @bfaeth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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