How We’re Going to Turn This Lake House Into a Moneymaking Short-Term Rental

How are we going to turn this old lake house into a short-term moneymaking rental?  Easy! We'll renovate it, modernize it, make the most of its many rooms, maximize occupancy, provide the outdoor amenities every lake house needs, build a game room that will leave everyone speechless, optimize our listing, and step up our marketing game.  In no time, this outdated lake house will become a mega super property generating STR wealth like it’s nothing. Don’t believe us? Then tag along for the ride, and we’ll show you! Key Takeaways:  00:00:00 Intro  00:00:37 How we’re going to modernize the house 00:04:18 Utilizing the rooms  00:08:22 Maximizing occupancy  00:11:41 Utilizing the large basement space  00:13:52 Outdoor amenities are a must for a lakehouse 00:16:23 Game room? Game room!  00:17:42 First thing we’ll do when we get there 00:19:24 Outro ⏺️ Join Our Masterclass to Unlock STR Wealth: Additional resources:  ➡️ Ready to start building STR wealth?  • Join Our Masterclass to Unlock STR Wealth: • Sign Up for Our STR Host Academy: • Gain Full Access to the Superhost Library: • Reserve a Spot in Our Super Life Plan Training: ➡️ Learn more about starting an STR business: • Take the Airbnb Profit Maximizer Course: • Sign Up for Our Co-hosting Business Masterclass: • 3-Day Training Program for New Airbnb Hosts:  • Facebook Ads Training for Hosts: • Virtual Marketing Mastery Boot Camp: ➡️ Grab some FREE resources: • [FREE Download] Get Your 10-POINT Direct Booking Optimization Checklist:  • [FREE Download] Unlock Your Potential with Our EXPERT Proforma: • [FREE Donwload] Grab Our ULTIMATE Guide for STR hosts: • [FREE Donwload] Discover the 7 GOLDEN RULES for Airbnb Hosts: • [FREE Donwload] Unlock Your Dream Life Plan: ➡️ Connect with us: • Join Our Facebook Group:  • Check Out Our website:  • Bill’s Instagram: • Brea’s Instagram:  • TikTok:  On STR Unfiltered, Bill Faeth breaks down the ins and outs of short-term rental hosting, giving listeners actionable advice that they can use to take their businesses to the next level. Follow so you never miss an episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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