Creative Wealth Building w/ Christian Allen & Rod Zabriskie

StayFi | Use Code BILL to Get 50% Off Your First 3 Months with StayFi! This episode is Sponsored by the STR Industries #1 marketing platform. In this episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill Faeth hosts a detailed conversation with Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie from Money Insights Group. The trio delve into the concept of 'alternative investing' and the transformative potential of nested returns. They discuss the power and value of capitalizing on multiple income streams, including optimizing investments for cash flow and tax benefits. A significant part of the conversation centers around using specialized life insurance policies as strategy tools, emphasizing the importance of cash-value-focused policies over death-benefit-based policies. They also explore various investment possibilities, such as ATM funds and short-term rentals. The discussion concludes with a mention of 'Invest with Benefits' virtual summit in 2023 and a call-to-action for listeners to sign up. 02:00 Introduction and Welcoming Guests 02:23 Discussing Mutual Connections and Networking 04:51 Introducing the Guests: Christian and Rod 05:19 Christian's Journey into Financial Services 09:27 Rod's Path to Alternative Investing 11:11 Exploring the Concept of Alternative Investing 14:49 The Role of Life Insurance in Investment Strategy 18:02 Practical Application of Investment Strategy 19:56 Understanding the Concept of Investment Optimization 21:22 The Importance of Life Insurance in Investment 22:05 The Mindset Shift Required for Investment Optimization 22:41 Leveraging Investments for Optimal Returns 24:31 The Principle of Investment Optimization Explained 25:22 The Challenges and Cons of Investment Optimization 26:43 Investment Opportunities and the Role of Accredited Investors 28:01 The Flexibility and Potential of Investment Optimization 29:23 The ATM Fund: A Unique Investment Opportunity 32:38 The Power of Pairing Investments for Greater Returns 36:30 Final Thoughts and Call to Action Watch this episode on our YouTube Channel Every Tuesday & Friday The Free Build STR Wealth Facebook Group: You can find more of Bill online at: Bill Faeth Linktree:<sid=660cbc9b-4a7e-4ed9-a654-900180b83af1 Build STR Wealth: Instagram: @BillFaeth73 Tik Tok: @bfaeth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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