The Castle in the Clouds: A Magical Sleep Story for Grown Ups

In this magical sleep story, we'll be exploring a castle that lies in the clouds 😯 The school of aspiring magicians. Discover the secrets and adventures that lie within and embark on a magical fantasy journey to faraway lands... This is the second part of the market of magic, a Harry Potter inspired sleep story!  CHAPTERS:00:00:00 - Introduction00:01:28 - Relaxation00:05:10 - Sleep Story (The Magic Castle) 00:40:05 - Sleep SoundsMagical Sleep Story – Harry Potter / Hogwarts Inspired Magic Castle Sleep StoryNarration, Music and Sound Design by Stephen Dalton Distributed by Genuina MediaAll rights are reserved to the Stephen Dalton Meditation & Sleep Channel. If you have any questions, feel free to write under

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A warm welcome to you – I’m Stephen, a voiceover artist, actor, and narrator from Ireland. Here on this podcast, I narrate self-written Sleep Stories, Bedtime Narrations with meditative elements, & Literature – helping you fall into a restorative and restful sleep. The goal of this podcast is to send a little peace and joy out into the world and aid you in becoming a more centered and grounded human being. Rest and sleep are so important to us humans, and I really hope that my podcast will deliver you to a more peaceful and sleepy place. Together with Jona, who helps me with art & sound design, we release new stories here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Distributed by Genuina Media