Anti-racism in Coaching Part 1

I met Anita and Andra when they volunteered to contribute to the Anti-racism in Coaching research project that I am currently working on in collaboration with a global team. This extension of that conversation begins with an exploration of the challenges that face humanity in a broad sweep that takes in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the myth of a post racial world and Megan and Harry’s challenge to the British Monarchy. We explore the complexity of Identity,  the concept of Dunamis, and social psychology as a tool for understanding power in coaching. Coaching as an investment in protecting and nurturing agency for the benefit of personal flourishing, to the benefit of society and social change. I have learnt so much from them. I hope that you gain some insights too.

Om Podcasten

Everywhere in my work as an executive and life coach I give witness to the pain caused by the ways in which dominant ways of living, doing politics and economics distort our humanity. There is a global yearning for spaces where we can Speak Up and Speak Out in pursuit of social justice, enriching and sustainable ways of living and relating. Coaching is coming of age as a powerful tool to be used by agents for social justice. This podcast is a space for speaking fearlessly, raising awareness and facilitating change: join us.