Rye + Jess Solo Episode, Talking: Health + Fitness Habits We’re Loving This Year!

 In this long overdue sister chat, Rye and Jess sit down (in person for once!) to discuss some of their favorite new health and fitness habits! The sisters chat all things:  - The impact of coffee on an empty stomach and what Rye is doing instead that's been a game changer for her adrenals  - Food tracking (macro tracking) and how Rye & Jess are implementing it in a balanced, non restrictive way! - The benefits of "progressive overload" style weight lifting and the importance of protein  - Conversations around money mindset and financial goals and how it impacts our wellness  - Jess's new 1:1 private hormone coaching and how she can support you in reaching your goals in a sustainable way!  && more!  RESOURCES Apply for a free discovery call to learn more about Jess's new 1:1 coaching program: www.bodyblissbyjess.net Try out the food tracking app Rye is loving: Nutritionix  CONNECT WITH US Email: [email protected] Instagram @solo2.0podcast Follow Jess @bodyblissbyjess Follow Rye @ryeburch

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Solo 2.0 is a podcast by two sisters, Rye Burch and Jess Suchan, working in the health and wellness industry in L.A. Each week, we’ll bring you inspiration, education and insightful conversation from guests with diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences! We’ll also discuss our own ups and down within our health and careers, and will bring on our mom, hormone health educator candace burch, for round table discussions on health and wellness. Our mission is to provide the support and motivation necessary to step into that 2.0 version of you!