Waithera & J.P - Ep 10

In this episode, Waithera* narrates a story of friendship, deeply interwoven with a tale of love and romance that spins over a fifteen-year period with a man she fondly refers to as J.P*. Elation is quickly replaced by anguish as the relationship evolves and Waithera, frustrated by the lack of clarity in this friendship-come relationship, finds herself in a place where J.P's approval which once held a considerable significance to her identity slowly starts to be replaced by something else; self-love. You can support this podcast here: M-PESA till : 9095819

Om Podcasten

Welcome to So This is Love, a podcast about love, the loss of love, heartbreak and the meeting of self. We share stories on how the relationships we once had teach us about who we are and define who we become. And maybe through these stories, we can answer that age old question; is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?