Jane & Adam - S3 | E5

How long should you hold on to an issue before speaking up for yourself? What do you do when your partner completely changes for the worse as soon as you choose to go all in? How much should people know about what is going on in your relationship when looking for support? These are some of the questions that Jane asked herself when her relationship with the man she was about to marry quickly began to fall apart. As things slowly turn from bright to dark, Jane is forced to decide if it is more valuable to save face or choose herself in a situation that eventually threatens her safety.

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Welcome to So This is Love, a podcast about love, the loss of love, heartbreak and the meeting of self. We share stories on how the relationships we once had teach us about who we are and define who we become. And maybe through these stories, we can answer that age old question; is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?