Amy & Greg Ep. 9

In today’s episode, Amy takes us back to her early twenties when she relocates to America and soon after falls in love with a charming and young Greg. In her pursuit of a college degree, stable career and fulfilling relationship, Amy is faced with a series of problems that challenge her sense of reality, personal worth, identity, and confidence. Amy takes us through a journey where she loses her voice, where her desire for love is scorned, and one where in the end, she refuses to stay subdued.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to So This is Love, a podcast about love, the loss of love, heartbreak and the meeting of self. We share stories on how the relationships we once had teach us about who we are and define who we become. And maybe through these stories, we can answer that age old question; is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?