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The Critical Importance of Executive Functioning with Tera Sumpter

from SLP Nerdcast | Published 1/3/2022

Get .1 ASHA CEU hereEpisode SummaryIt’s cozy on your private SLP island, but sometimes, you just gotta’ visit some neighboring islands to get the job done. This week’s episode with SLP-turned-cognitive-processing nerd, Tera Sumpter, invites you to leave Speech Island (figuratively and literally) and take an excursion to Brain Boss island so that you can help your clients learn the speech and language skills they (and you) strive for. Tune in to learn about a cognitive practice model that aims to improve client and student learning outcomes by developing and using the power of executive functioning - the foundation of all learning. You’ll explore many of the sub-skills involved in overall executive functioning and learn strategies to improve your client’s error awareness and therefore, your client’s success.. This one is super engaging, so you won’t need your Suduko or snacks, but Tera might try to sit in your auditory lap as she pours out this intervention gold that is bound to blow your mind as it did mine! Bon voyage!Learning OutcomesDefine executive functioning and describe its relationship to learningDefine the Cognitive Processes Model and how it relates to speech and language pathology.Identify at least two strategies for supporting executive functioning in speech and language therapyReferencesBarkley, R. A. (2020). Executive functions: What they are, how they work,and why they evolved. Guilford.Eagleman, D. (2021). Livewired. Anchor Canada.Mccloskey, G., Perkins, L. A., & Divner, B. V. (2008). Interventions for Executive Function Difficulties. Assessment and Intervention for Executive Function Difficulties, 177-231. doi:10.4324/9780203893753-9Sumpter, T. (2021). The seeds of learning: A cognitive processing model for speech, language, literacy and executive functioning. ELH PublisHing.Online ResourcesThe Seeds of Learning Online CommunitySpeaker Disclosures:Tera Sumpter financial disclosures: Tera receives royalties from ELH Publishing for her book, The Seeds of Learning: A Cognitive Processing Model for Speech, Language, Literacy and Executive Functioning. She is also the owner of a private practice Seeds of Learning, LLC. Tera Sumpter non-financial disclosures: Tera does not have any non-financial relationships to disclose.Kate Grandbois financial disclosures: Kate is the owner / founder of Grandbois Therapy + Consulting, LLC and co-founder of SLP Nerdcast.  Kate Grandbois non-financial disclosures: Kate is a member of ASHA, SIG 12, and serves on the AAC Advisory Group for Massachusetts Advocates for Children. She is also a member of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT), MassABA, the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and the corresponding Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis SIG. Course Disclosure - Course ContentThis course will focus on the Cognitive Processes model. As this model is unique, the majority of this course will focus on and cover information that pertains to this model.Course Disclosure - Financial and In-KindFunding for this course was provided by one of our Corporate Sponsors, Vooks.Time Ordered Agenda:15 minutes: Introduction, Disclaimers and Disclosures25 minutes: Descriptions of executive functioning and describe its relationship to learning15 minutes: Descriptions of Cognitive Processes Model and how it relates to speech and language pathology.10 minutes: Descriptions of strategies for supporting executive functioning in speech and language therapy5 minutes: Summary and ClosingDisclaimerThe contents of this episode are not meant to replace clinical advice.  SLP Nerdcast, its hosts and guests do not represent or endorse specific products or procedures mentioned during our episodes unless otherwise stated.  We are NOT PhDs, but we do research our material.  We do our best to provide a thorough review and fair representation of each topic that we tackle.  That being said, it is always likely that there is an article we’ve missed, or another perspective that isn’t shared.  If you have something to add to the conversation, please email us! Wed love to hear from you!__SLP Nerdcast is a podcast for busy SLPs and teachers who need ASHA continuing education credits, CMHs, or professional development. We do the reading so you don’t have to! Leave us a review if you feel so inclined!We love hearing from our listeners. Email us at [email protected] anytime! You can find our complaint policy here. You can also:Follow us on instagramFollow us on facebookWe are thrilled to be listed in the Top 25 SLP Podcasts!Thank you FeedSpot!

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