Turning 30 & Society Pressures: with Emma Wilson - Turning 30 Coach

Do you feel pressure in your 20s/30s to have more things figured out than you currently do? Do you feel like you should be further along in your career, in your love life and possibly feel the pressure to buy your own home and get out of the rent hole? Do you feel like you are constantly changing your mind about what makes you happy and what direction you want your life to go? Do you struggle to make time for friendships, or maybe feel like you are outgrowing certain people in your life? Are you fed up feeling anxious about keeping up with societies pressures on what you should and shouldn’t be doing right now? If so, this episode IS FOR YOU! Todays guest Emma Wilson is the First and only TURNING 30 COACH! After experiencing her own personal turning 30 struggles five years ago, Emma began her mission to help others struggling with the “thirty pressures’, helping her clients to feel more confident and get unstuck in all areas of life from careers, dating, friendships, finances, lifestyle and more. You can find Emma on Instagram @turning30coach Her podcast “The Turning 30 Podcast” can be found on Spotify and all other podcast platforms. If you enjoy this episode please share it with a friend who may also need to hear this!

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I am a single 29 year old Irish woman living in London who is exploring the world of dating, being BOLD and having so much FUN. I grew up in a sex shaming culture and never felt like I had a safe space to talk about topics such as sex, orgasms, self pleasure and dating. In my podcast you can expect REAL TALK, guest speakers and listeners stories. I want to empower you to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in these areas of your own life. (Instagram @ashlinghenderson)