Mental Health, Therapy & Relationships with Sinead Hegarty.

Sinead (@sineadheg) is a fellow Irish Gal ☘️ Founder of @thebraveway_ Meditation & Retreats. She shares so much value unapologetically to a large social media audience, with topics from relationships to mental health, therapy, meditation, self development, books, fitness, travel and so much more. She also has her own podcast called “The Sinead Says Podcast” which you need to listen to! We cover: - Relationships: from being single to weekly relationships check ins, to attachment styles, break ups and heartache. - Fear of success, comparison, fear of judgement and how to overcome it. Basically it’s time to stop letting limiting beliefs block your potential and shine so god damn bright! - Her own Mental health struggles, experiences with therapy and power of learning more about yourself. I came across Sinead when I started therapy for myself a few years ago. She helped me see that THERAPY IS COOL! Getting to know yourself better is SEXY and nothing to be ashamed about! She has helped me feel empowered in many ways and I am sure she will leave you feeling empowered after this episode. I know you will get so much value from this episode! If you do please share it with a friend who may also benefit from it! And let us know: tag us both on your Instagram stories, DM me! I want to hear from you 😘 And as it is Mental Health Awareness week, this week and every day BE KIND TO YOURSELF. You are loved by many. You are enough just as you are. You are supported. You are not alone. Everything always works out for you ♥️

Om Podcasten

I am a single 29 year old Irish woman living in London who is exploring the world of dating, being BOLD and having so much FUN. I grew up in a sex shaming culture and never felt like I had a safe space to talk about topics such as sex, orgasms, self pleasure and dating. In my podcast you can expect REAL TALK, guest speakers and listeners stories. I want to empower you to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in these areas of your own life. (Instagram @ashlinghenderson)