Inside a Man's Mind: What does he really want?

Do you ever wonder what men actually want most from dating/a relationship? Do you ever wonder if men are as emotionally impacted by dating as some women are? Do you want to know how to attract someone who is worthy of being in your life? Do you want tips to level up your online dating profile? Are you afraid of being your true self or being "too much" whilst dating? If so, this episode is for you! I am joined by the UK's Top Celebrity Dating, Relationship and Lifestyle coach James Preece! I hope you enjoy it!!! 

Om Podcasten

I am a single 29 year old Irish woman living in London who is exploring the world of dating, being BOLD and having so much FUN. I grew up in a sex shaming culture and never felt like I had a safe space to talk about topics such as sex, orgasms, self pleasure and dating. In my podcast you can expect REAL TALK, guest speakers and listeners stories. I want to empower you to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in these areas of your own life. (Instagram @ashlinghenderson)