Attachment Styles

Learning about the 3 different attachment styles in the book "Attached" by Amir Levine made me realise that its okay that I am sometimes an anxious mess in a relationship and it gave me the tools to overcome this and also understand how best to date people with different attachment styles 🤍 I hope you enjoy the wisdom I share in this episode!

Om Podcasten

I am a single 29 year old Irish woman living in London who is exploring the world of dating, being BOLD and having so much FUN. I grew up in a sex shaming culture and never felt like I had a safe space to talk about topics such as sex, orgasms, self pleasure and dating. In my podcast you can expect REAL TALK, guest speakers and listeners stories. I want to empower you to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in these areas of your own life. (Instagram @ashlinghenderson)