Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes & other tales

Have you ever been a Cub Scout or a Brownie? – Both Bear and Tawny Owl are in search of some forgiveness in this episode. Along with Nobby and Toby, or should that be Mike?We go way back for a classic confession from the crypt to relive PJ’s story; ‘Voulez-Vous Confessey Avec Moi Ce Soir’ featuring another performance of Simon’s famous French accent.Plus, there are more confessions we could never broadcast on the radio. Your brilliant messages and reviews on the Parish Notice Board, and don’t forget to listen through to the end for the secret code phrase.Send your confessions and notes for the Parish Notice Board to [email protected]

Om Podcasten

Hilarious revelations from a new generation of sinners, willing to share their secrets in search of forgiveness with Father Simon and the Confessional Collective. Expect tales of greed, debauchery, deception, and honest mistakes including those confessions we could never broadcast on Greatest Hits Radio.