Breathe the pressure. Exhale, exhale, exhale & other tales

If you're the kind of person who runs or cycles to work - this might not be the episode for you. If you could pick Vanessa Feltz out of a police lineup - you'll probably enjoy 49% of this episode. If you enjoy a good laugh and a couple of PG-rated confessions - this, my friend, is the episode for you.Colin, Chloe, Stan, and Mr Mackay all come in search of absolution. We have more bonus confessions from the producer's file marked 'Not for broadcast' and your messages proudly pinned on the Parish Notice Board.Plus, we unearth another classic confession from the crypt; 'I don't want to be another page in your diary', a salient reminder of the pitfalls of digital diaries.Send your confessions and notes for the Parish Notice Board to [email protected]

Om Podcasten

Hilarious revelations from a new generation of sinners, willing to share their secrets in search of forgiveness with Father Simon and the Confessional Collective. Expect tales of greed, debauchery, deception, and honest mistakes including those confessions we could never broadcast on Greatest Hits Radio.