Black holes and revelations & other tales

We’re back, and Simon’s declared this Season 5. Although, to be honest, it got messy, and we lost count. Anyway, Mitch, Julie, Harry and Nick come in search of forgiveness in this episode - do they deserve it?There are bonus confessions from the producer’s file marked ‘Not for broadcast’. Some profoundly vague advice about what to keep in the boot of your car, and a few early bits and pieces on the Parish Notice Board, including Bill’s confessional note regarding his prized Lynn Parsons clock.Plus, we venture into the crypt for a classic confession from ‘Knuckles’ entitled; I Was Born Under A Wand'rin’ Star’ - which illustrates the unexpected pitfalls of going travelling in your 30s.Send your confessions and notes for the Parish Notice Board to [email protected]

Om Podcasten

Hilarious revelations from a new generation of sinners, willing to share their secrets in search of forgiveness with Father Simon and the Confessional Collective. Expect tales of greed, debauchery, deception, and honest mistakes including those confessions we could never broadcast on Greatest Hits Radio.