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02 New York Minute

from Sick S.A.D. Film Club | Published 5/1/2021

Is it my birthday??? Sick S.A.D. Film Club, Your favorite 90s/00s film podcast is back with Dennie Gordon's 2004 teen twinscapade flick, New York Minute. We have a few questions... Why the white villain with the fake Asian accent? Why was that young man on the bike SO horny? Did Roxy ever get to go on tour with Simple Plan? The film stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Eugene Levy of Schitt's Creek, Riley Smith and Jared Padalecki of Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. We get into everything with a culture recap from Annie (@annalaurieclararives on IG), a plot recap from Shannon (@prickwolf on IG, tik tok & twitter) and a fashion recap from Dominique (@celestialmillenial on IG & @TheDominique on twitter) Shop merch at and drop us a line at [email protected]

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