Gemma Styles: it’s not a bandwagon it’s a party bus

Last week we lost Em’s dear friend and inspiration to us all, the incredible Dame Deborah James. You can support the Bowel Babe Fund here: this episode, the girls talk with mental health ambassador and podcast host, Gemma Styles. They discuss how she chooses to be a good influence while working through her own mental health and making peace with her ADHD diagnosis. If you want more, you’re in luck! You can listen to Alex and Em on Gemma’s podcast, Good Influence, available here.Al also talks us through her decision to freeze her eggs and Em accuses her of dressing like a postman…Follow us on Instagram @shouldideletethatEmail us at [email protected] by Alex Andrew See for privacy and opt-out information.

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In Should I Delete That?, Alex Light and Em Clarkson want to explore the nuance that is often left out of the polarising conversations that take place on social media. Join them as they dive deep into the grey area, talk to experts, tackle shame and have a laugh along the way… See for privacy and opt-out information.