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Elsa Majimbo, Comedian & Social Media Sensation, On The Importance Of Doing Things Her Way And Finding Fame In Lockdown

from Share Of Voice | Published 1/14/2021

The 19-year-old comedian and award-winning chess player from Nairobi, Kenya, gained worldwide fame and acclaim when her hilarious Instagram videos, filmed in her bedroom during lockdown, went viral. Whether you’ve seen (or heard) the one about “I want you to come over, but it’s a pandemic” or “Everyday slaving, everyday labor”, Elsa’s authentic nature, infectious laugh, and confidence have brought joy to her more than 1.7 million Instagram followers.    When lockdown first hit, Elsa had 7K Instagram followers. Today, she is a social media sensation, whose voice and taglines are used for others’ Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, and whose image is proving to be lucrative, with partnerships like Fenty, MAC, and Bumble already under her belt.    In between (many!) laughs, we chat about: -Her meteoric rise to fame -Hanging out with icons like Naomi Campbell (who has now become a great friend) -Why making money is so important -- and actually does buy happiness  -How she doubles down on herself unapologetically when it comes to creating content (with her manager, Mo Kheir) -Doing things her way -The importance of not associating with people who have bad vibes  -Manifesting (more) money, the Met Gala, and icon status Produced by Dear Media

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