Scotland's Street Orchestra

Teresa Fereirra

from Scotland's Street Orchestra | Published 3/15/2021

Teresa Fereirra (Nevis violist from Portugal) speaks to Andrea Baker about Quinn Mason’s 'In memory' and what it means to her. She also fulfils one of her ambitions - to appear in a podcast! Hear Teresa perform the full piece here:  Nevis Ensemble: Andrea Baker: For more information about the podcast, visit:   See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

Nevis Ensemble’s aim is to take music to everyone, everywhere. The orchestra can be found in schools, homeless centres, mountain tops and supermarkets. 2020’s lockdown prevented live performance from taking place and, as part of its online activity, Nevis asked members of the orchestra to explore music from traditionally underrepresented composers. In this series, Nevis Ambassador Andrea Baker speaks to the musicians about their choices.