Wake Up and Kick Ass (WUKA): Disrupting the Period Product Market with Sustainable Innovation

Ever wished for a sustainable and cost-effective solution for periods? Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation with the game-changers of the period product industry, Ruby and Dave, founders of WUKA. Our dialogue takes us across continents, from the cultural practices of Nepal to the bustling markets of the UK, as we learn about their journey in transforming period health.This conversation unravels the innovative process behind WUKA's trailblazing period underwear. We delve into the functional intricacies of their products, shedding light on how they achieve absorbency, dryness, and comfort while minimizing odors. Prepare to be astounded as we compare the performance of their products against the traditional ones available in the market. In our final segment, we talk dollars and sense. We dissect the financial and environmental advantages of switching to sustainable period products. Ruby and Dave also share pearls of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the significance of developing solutions for existing problems and spotting market gaps. We round off with a critical discussion on greenwashing and the necessity of providing consumers with transparent data. As we wrap up, you will be left with a fresh perspective on the period product industry and an urgent awareness of the need for sustainable alternatives. Gear up to have your notions challenged and your curiosity piqued!--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------(11:54) - Period Underwear Shaking Up the Market(16:54) - Sustainable and Cost-Saving Period Products(29:33) - Entrepreneur Advice(38:19) - Transparent Data on Greenwashing and CO2 -------- Subscribe to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet Podcast Apple Spotify

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