The Intersection of Corporations, Sustainability and Responsibility with Gilad Goren

Remember when I caught my first flight, the mix of anticipation and nerves? The travel bug bit hard, and it's an experience I'll never forget. Our guest today, Gilad Goran, brings a whole new perspective to how we see and participate in the world of travel. From his family's journey from Israel to Portugal, he shares unique insights on the complexities and transformations within the industry. We dissect the environmental implications, the commodification of experiences, and even the shady reality of land purchasing. And amid this, the story of Gilad's father's entrepreneurial spirit shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Corporations hold an undeniable power, and with that power comes great responsibility. Today, we navigate the uncharted waters of corporate sustainability initiatives and their potential to drive meaningful change. Small and large players, activists and dreamers alike, we explore how all of us must come together, adapt, and fluidly connect to steer our world towards a more sustainable future. On a more tech-savvy note, we dive into the exciting intersection of technology and indigenous communities. From satellite imaging and sensors to Nvidia's supercomputer modeling the entire world - the possibilities are awe-inspiring. These communities, often the unsung guardians of our planet, and how we can support them through modern technology becomes a focal point of our discussion. As we wrap up our deep-dive, we fire up a call-to-action for you, dear listeners, to create impact in your communities and increase our collective visibility. It's time to share, review and inspire. We're all in this journey together, and your voice matters.---TIME STAMPS(00:08) - Impacts and Innovations in Travel Industry(13:17) - Corporate Social and Sustainability Action Importance(27:30) - Satellites, AI, and Indigenous Communities(33:31) - Making Connections and Increasing Visibility Subscribe to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet Podcast Apple Spotify

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