Sustainable Fashion and Innovative Waste Management with Jessica Schreiber

How can the fashion industry become more sustainable? Jessica Schreiber, founder and CEO of Fab Scrap, gives us some innovative answers in this enlightening podcast episode. Jessica takes us on a journey into the world of sustainable fashion, examining the vast amount of waste produced during the design process of creating new collections. With a focus on improving sustainability, she explores potential solutions such as AI, virtual images, and sustainable packaging methods to reduce fabric samples and other materials wastage.Jessica's journey to founding Fab Scrap is nothing short of inspiring. As she delves into the details, we gain insight into how her nonprofit organization maintains a delicate balance between raw materials and finished garments. Jessica also shares her experiences working at the New York City Department of Sanitation, illuminating her deep-rooted passion for sustainability. Learn how fashion companies contribute to Fab Scrap's income through service fees for their waste and how fabric sales add to their revenue.In the final segment of our discussion, Jessica outlines the recycling and waste management solutions that Fab Scrap has implemented. Hear about the ingenious ways they transform fabric waste into a product called shoddy and its uses within the industry. Jessica also shares her future plans for reducing waste, presenting findings at fashion conferences, and experimenting with fabric shipping. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the vital role volunteers play in sorting fabric at Fab Scrap and how they're rewarded for their efforts. This episode is a must-hear for anyone interested in sustainable fashion and innovative solutions to waste management.----Chapter Markers:(00:07) - Inventing Sustainable Solutions in Fashion(08:08) - Sustainable Fashion and Funding for Recycling(14:11) - Textile Recycling and Waste Management Solutions(24:57) - Sustainable Fashion Subscribe to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet Podcast Apple Spotify

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