Seaweed Solution with Howard Gunstock: A Climate Change Game-Changer

How much do you know about seaweed? Probably not enough! Prepare to have your mind blown by the incredible potential of this marine plant to combat climate change. Our guest, Howard Gunstock, CEO of Carbon Kapture, is here to educate us on the rapid CO2 absorption capacity of seaweed, which grows up to 30 times faster than trees and matures in a mere six to seven months.We explore CarbonKapture's unique business model that draws on a circular ecology concept. They harvest seaweed to create biocharcoal, an innovative solution that aids in removing CO2 from the sea and enriching the soil. Howard reveals the resilient qualities of seaweed, its role in reducing coastal erosion, and enhancing marine biodiversity. This conversation redefines the phrase 'green business', showing us how companies can offset carbon emissions while preserving our ecosystems.Lastly, we delve into how you can lend a hand to CarbonKapture's mission. There's more than one way to contribute to saving the planet, and Howard breaks down the company's engagement strategies and how you can get involved. Tune in to this episode to learn about the tangible solutions that are changing the game in the fight against climate change. Be prepared to be fascinated by the power of seaweed and its potential role in preserving our world.--------(0:00:08) - Innovative Seaweed Solution for Climate Change(0:06:58) - Seaweed's Environmental Benefits(0:15:09) - Circular Ecology Business Model(0:24:26) - Seaweed Farming and Climate Change Solutions(0:31:56) - Engagement and Promotions for Business Growth Subscribe to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet Podcast Apple Spotify

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