AG Saño, The Dolphin Guy: How Art Can Inspire Change

AG is a passionate photographer, artist, and environmental activist from the Philippines. He has been doing large-scale murals around the world for the last 14 years. His subjects focus on climate justice, indigenous people, and marine environments. In 1999, he joined the first-ever humpback whale migration research in the Philippines and spent months at sea taking photos. Through his photographs, they were able to catalog the whales and compare them with Japanese and Russian researchers. AG explained that they can identify the individual whales through the underside of their tails, which are then cataloged and used to track the whales and determine who they are.He explains that whales travel to the Philippines and that the locals have been telling stories about them for generations. The discovery was made due to the observations of the local fisher folks, who noticed a loud, singing sound coming from the sea. This discovery is important in order to establish marine protected zones for humpback whales, as this was previously unknown.This conversation also discusses the impact of art activism on younger generations and encourages listeners to take the first step in saving the planet.Time Stamps12:08 Conversation on Marine Mammal Murals and the Inspiration Behind Them19:57 Exploring the Power of Art as a Form of Activism21:43 Achieving an Extraordinary Goal of Painting 1000 Murals23:59 Taking the First Step Towards Achieving Your Dreams27:08 Conversation on Sustaining a Living Through Environmental Activism30:49 The Profound Impact of AG’s Activism Through Art34:09 The Value of Mentoring and Coaching37:38 Proposal for Painting a Dolphin in Outer Space39:03 Segregate at Home and Plant a Tree on Your Birthday–Connect with AG: us on Instagram: Subscribe to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet Podcast Apple Spotify

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