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Fiona Arrigo - Discernment is key - preserve your energy & understand we are birthing into a new mode of being.

from Sanctuary with Fiona Arrigo | A Place To Heal | Published 2/16/2021

A small segment taken from Fiona Arrigo's February 14th episode of Sunday Sanctuary, where Fiona talks about Discernment being key and the importance of being selective with your energy & understand that we are birthing into a new mode of being. You can listen to the full podcast & all episodes here   Please ensure you are on the mailing list at to stay connected with future   Sunday Sanctuary updates & relevant news. Fiona Arrigo is one of   the   foremost, internationally acclaimed intuitivehealers….. a   biodynamic   psychotherapist, mentor and life teacher, and acknowledged   as a leader   in her field. She is also founder of the award-winning   Arrigo  Programme. Thank you for taking the time to listen. If you enjoyed this episode     please do subscribe & share… that we can collectively assist more people in these times. And for further information, social links & resources please visit You can also watch & listen to these podcasts in video format over at

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Fiona Arrigo’s weekly Sunday Sanctuary will offer support and guidance in these times of extraordinary change. Fiona will be sharing esoteric wisdom and practical guidance to support rest, inner reflection, grounded teachings, and interactive dialogue. This is a time to dive deep, come into peace, and cultivate new ways of being, to work with each other and our Earth as we pass through this moment, which we know will be impacting peoples lives in many different ways. Now, more than ever, is the time to do our inner work. All are welcome