Fat Joe Gets Emotional Sharing Epic Knicks Stories, Predicts Playoffs & Talks RJ & Quickley | Ep. 10

On today's episode of Roommates we welcome solo artist and producer Fat Joe. The guys talk if KD's rings are valid or not, Knicks legend Jeremy Lin, legendary Knicks stories and much much more. You are not gonna want to miss this. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode of the Roommates podcast. The long tradition of Detroit watchmaking is well underway. Use code ROOMMATES for 15% off your next purchase. Shop now at www.shinola.com/roommates (terms and conditions apply). The 2nd merch drop is now LIVE: Get yours on http://RoommatesMerch.com TT: https://www.tiktok.com/@roommatesshow IG: https://www.instagram.com/theroommatesshow X/TW: https://twitter.com/roommates__show 00:00 Intro 01:18 Fat Joe's coaching style vs Tom Thibodeau's 04:13 The Game That Never Happened 12:11 Shinola 13:17 Who would Fat Joe pick for his five-man roster today? 16:12 Who do dread going up against because they're so strong? 18:46 The game is different today 21:33 How did the Knicks mid-season trades work out so well? 23:41 Rajon Rondo Retirement 27:08 Chauncey Billups and Vince Carter making the Hall of Fame 29:14 Victor Wembanyama is not human 33:12 Dunking on Shaq 35:24 Transfer Portal 36:17 Are KD's rings valid? 39:19 Fat Joe's Eastern Conference Playoffs predictions 40:30 OG Anunoby :heart_eyes: 41:56 Jalen says bye to RJ Barrett 43:25 Fat Joe was DEVASTATED when Immanuel Quickley was traded 44:33 Deuce McBride's ascension 45:46 Young players care more about social media than having that DAWG in them 48:19 More Knicks jerseys in opposing crowds 51:17 Linsanity 52:30 Fat Joe's favorite moment at Madison Square Garden 54:43 Fat Joe & Friends at The Apollo 59:02 New York's place in modern hip-hop 1:00:28 Rewind It 10 1:03:22 Picture Me Scrolling 1:19:21 Outro

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