Donte Reveals Wild Jalen Brunson Stories, How Crazy Josh Hart Really Is & Draft Night Beef | Ep. 4

Join us in welcoming Donte on this week's episode of Roommates! Today the three teammates go over their time at Villanova, stories about them back together on the Knicks and much more! Our first merch drop is LIVE‼️ Get yours on  Follow us on social. TT: IG: X/TW:

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The next big podcast just moved in! Join New York Knicks stars Jalen Brunson & Josh Hart and co-host Matt Hillman as they discuss basketball, current topics, and what it’s like to make the big leagues with your best friends by your side. Roommates is filmed from Room 311, where immaculate vibes are curated and shared with the world. Room 311 is inspired by the trio’s favorite comedy Step Brothers and incorporates real elements from the college dorm room where the friendship and foundation for excellence was forged.