Manish Kataria - Investing 101

In this episode I'm joined by investment expert Manish Kataria. If you do not know Manish then it may be worth listening to episode 30 where Manish gave an economic Outlook for Property Prices at the start of the pandemic and his predictions were on the money. Manish joins me again to discuss investment as a whole with some brilliant insights into portfolio construction as well as how you may want other types of investments to fit around your property portfolio.We discuss how central banks and governments can telegraph their decisions in advance of them taking place. If lockdowns and restrictions are done is this good or bad for asset prices? How interest rates drive asset prices. How important do you think interest rates are for different asset prices? Do interest rate rises actually affect different types of inflation? Statistic manipulation and how inflation is calculated vs historical measures of inflation. Approaching building an investment portfolio of uncorrelated assets. What the majority of UK real estate is exposed to? Technology stocks, growth and value rotation. Passive vs actively managed funds. Options trading. And much moreYou can learn more about Manish at always a huge thank you to for sponsoring this episode. If you have any requirements for bridging or development finance get. in touch with [email protected] and mention "The Podcast" to have your legals paid on any Development or bridging loan. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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