6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Company's Virtual Event

While virtual events soared in popularity during the pandemic, they are hardly a fleeting trend. From human resources and internal communications, to sales and marketing, departments across organizations have shifted their focus and resources to virtual events. The myriad benefits of online events have cemented their strategic value across various business verticals. However, no strategy can be proven successful unless it is measured. Listen (or watch on-demand now) as we discuss 6 key success metrics for your company’s virtual event. What you’ll learn: Long-term benefits of virtual events to your business strategy Key success metrics for virtual events How to prove the ROI of your company event

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How is remote working changing internal communications? In this podcast mini-series, Internal Comms leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the profession as more and more of the workforce goes remote. Studies predict that over 50% of workers will be remote in 2020. These conversations uncover insight and tips on how internal communication practitioners can navigate the tech and cultural changes that come with the increase in remote working.