Not quite an incel, not yet a Chad. The gymcel is a little-known, but hugely polarizing figure. Rather than swallowing the black pill and turning away from society (one where evil feminists govern man's ability to get laid), the gymcel takes matters into his own hands and get gains in pursuit of the ultimate Chad-bod. After all, everyone struggles with body image from time to time. So why do women hate him? Or, better yet, why do incels hate him? Hannah and Maia discuss the gymcel and his peculiar role in the ever-expanding Manosphere, giving you a thorough breakdown of all the incel terminology we're sure you've been dying to learn ("looksmaxxing"... "manlets"... "fapstinence"...). Is a figure associated with the worst subsects of the internet worthy of our sympathy? Could the gymcel be more benign than he seems? Support us on Patreon and get juicy bonus content: Intro and Outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills: SOURCES: Sara Brzuszkiewicz, “Incel Radical Milieu and External Locus of Control” International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (2020). Maddalena Cannito and Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, “The Rules of Attraction: An Empirical Critique of Pseudoscientific Theories about Sex in the Manosphere” Sexes Vol. 3 (4). Hussein Kesvani, ““The Latest Manosphere Subculture is the ‘Gymcel’” Mel Magazine (2019). Brian Van Brunt and Chris Taylor, Understanding and Treating Incels: Case Studies, Guidance, and Treatment of Violence Risk in the Involuntary Celibate Community, Routledge (2020).

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Rehash: The podcast about the social media phenomenons that strike a nerve in our culture, only to be quickly forgotten - but we think are due for a revisiting. Hosted by Maia (Broey Deschanel) and Hannah Raine Find us on Patreon: