Camilla Barnard - Rude Health Co-Founder | Creating A Brand The Way You Want It

Today we have Camilla Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health. Rude Health was founded in 2005 by Camilla and Nick Barnard. They started with the Ultimate Muesli, which they created around their kitchen table. Today, 18 years into the journey, Rude Health can be found in fridges and cupboards worldwide, with a 60-plus product portfolio.  Along with an unrivalled range of Dairy-free Drinks and Muselis, the brand now offers everything from flavourful Granolas, Porridges, Puffs and Flakes to seriously exciting snacks. For each and everyone, the approach to flavour remains the same.   Quality ingredients.  Nothing artificial.  Nothing refined. They also employ over 40 people, they are committed to championing sustainability and donating at least 5% of their annual profits to charity. Support the show

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