Raw Talent with Fiona Abrahams

Rebecca Rodden: Brand Consultant & Founder of Eluroom

from Raw Talent with Fiona Abrahams | Published 6/14/2021

In Series 4, Episode 5 of Raw Talent I am speaking with Rebecca Rodden founder of Eluroom. Rebecca's career evolved in a 21-year stint at Ted Baker rising from Receptionist to Buying Director across two decades during which we have experienced the evolution of technology making a revolutionary impact on the way in which fashion is consumed and experienced. During her time at Ted Baker, Rebecca worked across men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, footwear and licensed product with the mission of continually evolving the Ted Baker brand through innovation and diversification in response to the ebb and flow of a changing global consumer.2020 has shaken many established businesses and stepping out into a brave new world, Rebecca is embarking on a new chapter inspired by a desire for balance expressed in her about to launch brand Eluroom.

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