How I got my First Flying Job as a Pilot

“I need a job to get the experience, and the experience to get a job” is a popular quote amongst many. In South Africa, the mark of hours is much smaller and opportunities are not regularly available as in other countries around the world. In order to get the experience the operators are looking for, we speak about how to tap into the market when short of the desired experience and work your way up the ladder. Showing what grit and determination are needed to make it in the industry, Let 410 First Officer Murray Buys shares with us what obstacles he faced early on in his career and how he ultimately overcame these challenges to obtain his dream of becoming a professional pilot.As always, an inspiring and educational conversation you won't want to miss! 😁

Om Podcasten

We're here to bring you the best and brightest in the Aviation Industry, we will be speaking with industry experts on a wide range of topics, from career successes to career changes. The Aviation Industry is on the RISE and we're here to help you navigate through these unexpected times, whether you are entering or re-entering the workforce, this is the Pilot Podcast that you've been asking for.