Bad Romance / Possession (1981) with Jessica Scott and Taffeta V.

We’re kicking off bad romance and couples issues month with one of the greatest stories about a marriage going up in flames ever told. To try to relay the events of this movie is to grab madness itself by the horns. Rooted in his own acrimonious divorce, Polish director Andrez Zulawski’s POSSESSION tells the volatile, violent, and disturbing breakup of the marriage between Mark and Anna, played in spectacular fashion by Sam Neil and Isabelle Adjani respectively. But it's also so much more than that. It dives into cosmic horror in ways that are shocking and thrilling. Through the deployment of doppelgangers it explores how we try to excise the parts of our loved ones we dislike in order to mold a more perfect union. It mirrors the tensions of its setting-Cold War era West Berlin-while also incorporating modern dance into the movements of its characters in a way that adds depth and nuance to the story. There’s no way Mike could talk about this one on his own, so he’s brought out two good friends and great podcasters: Jessica Scott (We Who Walk Here) and TaffetaV (Late podcast). We get down and dirty with the details of this one, while also discussing the common factors in divorce and relationships ending. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram If you really like the show, and want more of us, join our patreon for bonus shows and more content. Psychoanalysis Patreon Page Music notes: "Infinite Perspective" by Kevin MacLeod "Long Note Three" by Kevin MacLeod "Emotion Picture" by Bill Ironfield Logo artwork by Jess Snively

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