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What Property Business Do You Really Want? Josh Keegan Talks Financial Clarity & Playing The Profit Game

from Property Investing 2.0 | Published 12/12/2021

Josh Keegan is a chartered accountant turned award-winning property entrepreneur.   He has started and scaled multiple lucrative property businesses with margins in excess of 35%... whilst working less than 90 mins a week.   Today's discussion revolves around one big question- What sort of property business do you really want?   Such a simple question, which doesn't always get a simple answer. Too often we see property people building a business that isn't actually the one they wanted in the first place.   In this sitdown, Josh shares how leverage and obtaining financial clarity have helped him answer that question and create the lifestyle businesses that work for him.   We discuss: Lifestyle businesses vs scaling businesses. Running small businesses with big margins How to leverage yourself out of your business- trading less time for more money. The danger of recurring income And much more   Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email- [email protected]   Linkedin:   Guest:     Resources:   Steve Wynn talk on Youtube-

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