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Investing From 4,000 Miles Away; Taking Action; Time Management; Sourcing Deals & Much More: Billy Turriff

from Property Investing 2.0 | Published 12/19/2021

Billy Turriff is an award-winning property investor and has executed a number of different property strategies over the years including Student Housing, Single Lets, Serviced Accommodation and Commercial to Residential, just to name but a few.   Before that, he was a management consultant for 17 years spending most of his time in Ireland, Istanbul and the Middle East, before packing in the corporate life in 2016 to go full time in property.   Today, Billy takes us through his story of how he jumped into property with both feet in 2015, investing in the UK whilst working several thousand miles away in Dubai. Yet he still managed to leave his job less than 2 years later.   Billy shares plenty of valuable nuggets of information in this sit-down.   We discuss: How he priorities the high-value tasks to allow him to take action in the rights areas. How sourcing deals is absolutely key and the ways he goes about this.  He also shares his views on a much discussed debate of investing up North vs down South.   Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email- [email protected]   Linkedin:   Guest:

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