Unlocked: Bonus Episode 05 - Nazi Maoism, Fascist Third Positionism, NazBols, and the Solar Temple feat. eBeggin

Today I'm joined by Twitter personality eBeggin (@eBeggin1) to discuss what sounds like a made up ideology - Nazi Maoism, though as we'll see, it was real, and though it wasn't widespread, it caused quite the wake. During the episode, we talk about third Positionism, National Bolshevism, and especially how Gladio was behind much of it, as well as the Order of the Solar Temple. We discuss Franco Freda, Jean-François Thiriart, Dugin and Limonov, and Luc Jouret. It's great! [episodes on Japan will resume after this week] Songs: Скрудж by Бранимир   Когда погаснет солнце by Свидетельство О Смерти

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