Bonus Episode 23 on the Crying of Lot 49: Nazi Connections to MKULTRA, and the Real Alternative to the Exitlessness, feat. Jimmy and the Chums of Chance

Third of three episodes on the Crying of Lot 49, I'm joined by Dr. Pig Bodine aka CJ (@Pussy___Teeth) and Boyd Beaver (@Boyd_Beaver) to discuss Thomas Pynchon's 1966 novel, the Crying of Lot 49. In this episode, I (@JimmyFalunGong) walk us through the Nazi connections in the Crying of Lot 49, specifically in relation to MKULTRA.  To do that, we present Programmed to Chill Masterpiece Theatre (thanks to Alex @mrcheesepills for performing our Dr. Hilarius), two partial performances of passages from the novel. I discuss some underappreciated aspects to LSD history in the US, discuss Henry Murray, Uncle Ted, and the Holocaust. Finally, we attempt to find a way out of the exitlessness as prescribed by Thomas Pynchon's novel. Songs: Psychotic Reaction by the Count Five Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd

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