Bonus Episode 20: the Oklahoma City Bombing and Andreas Strassmeir: the Makings of American Gladio, feat. Bill and Boltzmann Booty

Today I'm joined by Bill (@BTH_Bill) and Boltzmann Booty (@BoltzmannBooty) to discuss the Oklahoma City Bombing generally and Andreas Strassmeir specifically. They walk us through the basics of the bombing and some reasons to doubt the official 'lone wolf' narrative. We discussed the 1988 Sedition Trial, the nature of informants and provocateurs, and got into the life of Strassmeir. They made a convincing case that Strassmeir was an informant based on his prior counterintelligence work, behavior, and actions. They explained Vincent Petruskie, Strassmeir's extracurricular activities, his visa, PATCON, Dave Holloway, the infamous traffic stop, and Elohim City. Bill and Boltzmann Booty walked us through the body of evidence linking Strassmeir to Timothy McVeigh and the bombing plot, Strassmeir's escape, and his subsequent activities. Finally, we attempted to come to an understanding of what happened at Oklahoma City. Links: The OKC Bombing Archive at the Libertarian Institute: @BoltzmannBooty threads: JD Cash: Aberration in the Heartland of the Real by Dr. Wendy Painting: Songs: Comancheria by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lord of the Plains by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Comancheria II by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

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